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More About Life & Career Coach Allison Larsson

Who Am I?

I am a guide and mentor who coaches with empathy, support, non-judgement and sometimes humor.

Allison & Scarlett

Allison & Scarlett

My life changed dramatically when my beloved husband died at the age of 45.  Looking to fill the hole in my heart and find meaning and purpose in my new life, I took some radical steps.  I left a bright job and career after more than 20 years in corporate America.  Yes, this was scary!  Then, I began a powerful, year-long Coaching for Transformation certification course. This was out of my comfort zone and certainly unlike anything I had tried before.  The experience was completely worth it because it altered my perspective and opened me up to new possibilities.  After experiencing my own growth and transformation through the coaching process, I realize my path to fulfillment is through dedicating myself to helping others discover their joy. I invite you to work with me to create your own best life.

I am a Professional Coach educated and trained through the Coaching for Transformation program, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and have worked in marketing and communications for two decades.

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